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What is this workshop about?

If you want to learn about flying objects and don’t know where to start, E-CAD TECHNOLOGIES gives you just the right platform with a Balsa Glider workshop.

Designing and fabricating a glider helps one understand the basic idea behind flight and the significance of various parts of the airplane. The workshop helps the participant understand aerodynamics, controls, and stability in the simplest manner.

By tweaking slightly with various parts of the glider, one can actually make it perform some interesting aerobatics. This will help the participant understand the basic principles of flight.

Course Outcomes

  • Build your own Chuck Glider with Balsa Wood.
  • Learn the Basics of Aircraft flight.
  • Initiation into the field of Aeronautical engineering through Aeromodelling.
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Course Structure and Topics Covered
Lecture on Understanding Aircraft Design – Duration 3 hours
In these modules, the participants are introduced to
Basic concepts of a glider
Understanding of physics behind aircraft
Important parts of an Aircraft
Different systems of an aircraft
Aerodynamics of a glider
Stability of a glider
Designing a glider
Designing and fabricating a glider – Duration 3 hours
Concepts in design of a glider
Implementing the design to construct a glider
Efficiency of a glider
Launching Demo and Competition – Duration 2 hours
Launching techniques of a glider
Kit Content
Balsa wood
Epoxy Glue
Working Tools*
Other miscellaneous items
* marked items will be taken back

Participants will be made to work in teams of 2 in the workshop. 1 kit per team will be given during the workshop which is take-home for participants.

All e-CAD TECHNOLOGIES certificates have a unique ID which can be verified online for authentication
Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)
Students interested in Aircraft Design
Students interested in a career in Aerospace and related fields of engineering.


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